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TechnoImaging® - Creating fully 3D detailed models of subsurface features from any type of geophysical data.

TechnoImaging® will turn your geophysical data into detailed, fully 3D models of subsurface deposits or structures. We custom design each solution to best match our customers' unique data set. Our patented EMVision® approach brings focus and 3D clarity to data interpretation in a multitude of industries:

Oil and gas exploration Civil Engineering
Mineral exploration Defense
Environmental exploration Archeology
Urban and infrastructure planning Geothermal
Glass Earth® Model

Our Glass Earth® technology renders the top kilometers of the ground entirely transparent, revealing deposits, geological formations, and even man-made structures.

All types of surveys: AIRBORNE, MARINE, LAND and BOREHOLE


Multi-Physics 3D Models
Combine multiple types of data for a multi-physics approach that produces integrated geophysical models with greater focus and clarity.

Large-Scale 3D Models>br/> TechnoImaging® is capable of quickly processing large-scale surveys, without having to subdivide them into smaller sections.

Conducting Surveys
TechnoImaging® has partnered up with some of the world’s leading survey providers. Our partners will bring the equipment and expertise required to conduct all types of geophysical data collection to your survey site. These services can be combined with TechnoImaging® 3D modeling services into a combined, competitively priced package.

Take a step into the future with the detailed 3D modeling capabilities brought to you by TechnoImaging®.

TechnoImaging® full 3D Magnetic Inversion applied to gold exploration at Kubi gold mine in Ghana

  • 3D Magnetic susceptibility by TechnoImaging® https://www.asantegold.com/
  • 3D modelling suggests 2 million ounce exploration potential to 3km depth
  • Garnetiferous horizon contains fine grained gold associated with minor (5-15%) pyrite and pyrrhotite as well as some coarser gold which is associated with relatively narrow quartz veins. The pyrrhotite causes the magnetic susceptibility signature.

Data Courtesy of Asante Gold Corporation

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