A leading global geophysical technologies company that develops and provides advanced 3D imaging solutions relevant to oil & gas exploration and production, mineral, hydrological or geothermal exploration, environmental monitoring, and other potential applications. TechnoImaging processes all geophysical data types:  electromagnetic, gravity, magnetic, or seismic, and all types of surveys, whether airborne, land, or marine.

Glass Earth® Model
Glass Earth® is the toolset of proprietary imaging and analysis technologies developed by TechnoImaging® to render transparent the top kilometers of the strata of the Earth, precisely revealing the geological, hydrological and manmade formations beneath the surface.

EMVision® software package by TechnoImaging® was developed for processing, 3D inversion and 3D modeling of all kinds of geophysical data.  EMVision® makes it possible to transform into Earth models data sets of any size, including extremely large surveys, with the option of integration and joint inversion of different types of geophysical data.

  • 3D forward modeling based on the integral equation (IE) method with multiple inhomogeneous domains ensures high stability and accuracy of the results
  • The moving sensitivity domain approach provides unique capability of 3D inversion of the large-scale geophysical surveys to models with the fine-grid discretization
  • The joint 3D inversion with Gramian constraint delivers an integrated geophysical model based on multimodal geophysical data
  • 3D inversion with focusing regularization provides images of the geological targets with sharp and focused boundaries

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