Computing Resources

Server 1

The TechnoImaging® Cluster (tic) is the central computational platform TechnoImaging® LLC. It consists of 16 batch-scheduled nodes, 2 very large memory nodes, and 1 GPU-assisted node, along with various supporting servers for centralized scratch, home directory space, and job scheduling services.

We use a private, low-latency Infiniband QDR network for high speed communication between the cluster segments. All machines run the CentOS 5 operating system which is automatically kept up to date with security patches on a daily basis.

Server 2

User access to the cluster is available via an interactive node which is only accessible through the secure shell (ssh) protocol. Access to the interactive node is limited to TechnoImaging® computational staff as well as select clients who arrange for the creation of user accounts.

We use the linux iptables firewall software with settings that place strict limits on access to the cluster. Illicit attempts to guess usernames or passwords are detected automatically then logged and blocked at very strict tolerances. Security logs are evaluated on a daily basis.

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