Service and Products

Services and Products

TechnoImaging® offers cutting edge services and science for geophysical data inversion and modeling through our proprietary software, EMVision®:3D CSEM modeling, inversion and migration and MEMRS®. All of our algorithms are fully three dimensional to accurately honor the true physics of EM problems. We model and invert electromagnetic data from airborne and marine surveys to borehole and borehole to surface surveys. Our specialty is large scale inversion, but EMVision® is able to handle any size survey.

On the small scale, we maintain a lab to perform measurements of complex resistivity. Our system is extremely flexible allowing measurements with multiple electric or magnetic field components over a wide range of frequencies. All analysis can be done with the generalized effective medium theory of induced polarization (GEMTIP) to give the most information about your core sample.

When it comes to potential fields, we offer the largest scale inversions available. We model and invert all types of potential fields data, whether the measurements are land, ship, or airborne based. Combinations of fields and joint inversion of magnetics and gravity are offered through our Gramian constrant methods.

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