Marine EM Remote Sensing (MEMRS®) Surveying Method

Marine EM remote sensing

MEMRS® offshore exploration consists of a very high moment onshore transmitter with a large array of offshore and onshore electric and magnetic field receiver. There are several advantages over traditional marine exploration techniques.

Technique Advantages

Provides marine EM sensing service at only 30% the cost of conventional CSEM.

The receiver deployment requires a much smaller vessel than a conventional CSEM vessel thereby minimizing vessel costs per day.

The method utilizes a rapid system for the deployment and recovery of the receivers. This significantly reduces the time.

The MEMRS® source transmission time is significantly less than the typical CSEM source transmission time.

Sketch of the transmitter-receiver configuration for Marine Electromagnetic Remote Sensing method.

Additional Benefits

With a swifter survey methodology and a lower cost base, sub-surface resistivity images up to 30km from the coastline can be more cost-effectively acquired with MEMRS® than with more traditional nodal CSEM methods and access the nearshore environment, unlike streamer CSEM.

A longer transmitter bipole and greater stacking times provide better data quality.

TechnoImaging exclusively can provide this service (US Patent No. 7,969,152; International patents are pending)