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Joint Inversion
Multinary Inversion
Focusing Regularization


TechnoImaging® offers large scale inversion of all electromagnetic and potential field data via our proprietary software, EMVision®. The software is extremely flexible and robust, allowing us to model and invert data from any geophysics survey at virtually any scale.

The moving sensitivity domain method allows very large scale surveys to be inverted rapidly for a fast turn-around time on your data. Our patented focusing regularization provides you with models with sharp boundaries, producing more realistic geological sections.

For surveys with well-defined petrophysical targets, our multinary inversion technique is very robust with respect to geologic noise and recovers high contrasts and true model parameters. EMVision® also incorporates joint inversion for various physical parameters through Gramian constraints.

Fundamental advantage of TechnoImaging® technology

It is based on acquisition/
multi-physics geophysical data

Helps you in making highly informed decisions related to the assessment and development of the mineral spectrum, groundwater, oil and gas reserves, geoengineering and construction, security and defense applications

It provides integrated 3D models of subsurface represented by different petro-physical properties of the prospective deposits