Rock Property Measurements

Adding laboratory measured electromagnetic properties of rocks to EM field data provides the most accurate evaluation of mineral or petroleum deposit and maximizes the value of field EM data the potential for successful exploration.

TechnoImaging® has experience with:

Complex resistivity (CR) measurements in frequencies and time domains

Modeling of CR using multiphase Generalized Effective Medium Theory of Induced Polarization (GEMTIP)  to identify the mineral and fluid  content

Structural analysis of rocks using QEMScan imaging (fractional, multiphase and homogeneity analysis)

Mineral and reservoir rocks, solid and liquid samples

EM study of unconventional energy resources as shale-gas, shale-oil and oil-muds.

Complex Resistivity

TechnoImaging®’s complex resistivity (CR) measurements setup is designed to be the most flexible tool on the market. TechnoImaging®’s CR setup is virtually open system which is ready to incorporate multiple components, such as magnetic field or two perpendicular electrical field sources. Any EM measurement you can envision, TI is ready to perform.

TI experimental CR measurements have demonstrated that induced polarization response is an intrinsic feature of oil-filled reservoir rocks, which cannot be explained by effect of the secondary pyrite. Mineral and petroleum CR studies in TI labs were used to model real mineral and petroleum deposits.

Complex Resistivity

Maximize the value of laboratory EM data acquisition by using TechnoImaging®’s advanced EMVision® 3D forward modeling and inversion software. Following lab tests, TI can help with your next EM project from designing the survey and feasibility studies through inversion. Integrating laboratory measurements with the field data will reduce uncertainty and make the most of your field data.

Please contact us for more technical details, or refer to our peer-reviewed and refereed papers here.

TechnoImaging®’s lab measurements and integrated field capabilities include

Upscaling of lab measurements to forward modeling and inversion of field data

Extensive statistical analysis of CR data

Environmental tests, tracing of organic and inorganic contamination in soil, water etc

Engineering tests of structural failure of construction materials (building, tunnels etc), evaluation of soil for construction, evaluation of permafrost etc.

Mine integrity safety test

Borehole vicinity integrity and CO2 check test.